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Reonel 6D by Nei-Ning
Mature content
Reonel 6D :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 8 8
Donatello A1 by Nei-Ning Donatello A1 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 12 5 Raphael 7A by Nei-Ning Raphael 7A :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 13 6 Raphael C6 by Nei-Ning
Mature content
Raphael C6 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 9 4
Reonel as 2014 version 18-6-2018 by Nei-Ning Reonel as 2014 version 18-6-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 15 10 My Turtle 16-6-2018 by Nei-Ning My Turtle 16-6-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 14 30 Raaaaaaph 16-6-2018 by Nei-Ning Raaaaaaph 16-6-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 15 18
Reonel - Our Daughter Ch7
Knock on the door didn’t make her move or react at all. She knew none wouldn’t enter without her permission but she realized she was wrong when the sound of door creaking open reached her ear slits.
“Reonel? Can I come in?”
Of course it needed to be her mother. Squeezing pillow harder with her hands, burying her face deeper in it, she managed to mumble; “Go away.”
That was the reaction what Leonardo had been expecting. After all she still was Raphael’s daughter and right now she was acting like her father when he was emotionally too hurt, not finding words to describe it. Thanks for the experiences what Leonardo had managed to gather over the years by being with Raphael he knew exactly how to act. Stepping in the room he gently closed the door, making his way to his daughter. Taking a look at her made it clear she wasn’t going to move or protest. Small smile spread on Leo’s lips as he turned around keeping his eyes on her all the ti
:iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 3 2
Graduating Gift 16-6-2018 by Nei-Ning Graduating Gift 16-6-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 21 10 Keane 15-6-2018 by Nei-Ning Keane 15-6-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 14 12
Mature content
Reonel - Our Daughter Ch6 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 3 2
Reonel - Our Daughter Ch5
After lair’s door closed behind her Reonel took off running. She followed a map what she drew to herself earlier so that she knew how to get back home. She also had set time in her phone and when it would start peeping, it was a sign of her to go back before it was too late.
It took her some time before she arrived to Central Park. It was late and dark but she dressed up in the shadows of the alley before heading towards the furthers and darkest corner of the park. She spotted Jake standing there and headed to his way in shadows. Appearing behind him she gently tapped his shoulder.
Jake jumped and spun around sighing in relief when he saw those unique eyes staring at him.
“Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.”
“It’s okay. I started to think you wouldn’t arrive after all.”
Sitting down on the grass she laughed shaking her head a bit.
“Of course I came. I just needed to wait a bit longer before everyone fell asleep.”
Smiling Jake no
:iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 2 17
Reonel - Drunk by Nei-Ning Reonel - Drunk :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 11 37 Reonel - Beaten up or injury by Nei-Ning
Mature content
Reonel - Beaten up or injury :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 12 7
Reonel - Watching a Movie by Nei-Ning Reonel - Watching a Movie :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 13 17 Reonel - With Classes by Nei-Ning Reonel - With Classes :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 14 11
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Jury of European Parliament is planning on voting for a new copyright law and if that goes through ALL fan pages will be banned! DA, AO3, Tumblr, InkBunny... You name it! Even if you wouldn't be European, please help, and sign the petition!

You can read more about this shit here ->…

And petition you can sign here ->… Please help! EVERY VOICE counts! If this law goes through in Europe then it's only a matter of time when it spread to be worldwide!

We would lose everything. No more fan arts, no more fanfics, no more fan videos, fan games etc. We just CAN'T sit still all quiet and accept this! Doing fan stuff isn't a crime! It doesn't do ANYTHING BAD to the copyrights! It's opposite! Many people have found new wonderful fandoms via new fan stuffs, meeting new wonderful fans and become friends etc. They have found new series to become a fan of, buy merchandises, spreading the word etc.

Raise your voice and show middle finger to this law!

Thank you all who step in and take action! You are brave and know - Together we can do this! :heart: There's more fans than people in European Parliament >: D

My commission prices -> Nei-Ning's commissions UPDATE 10-5-2018 by Nei-Ning

TMNTFA Nominee Stamp by AdventureHobbit3791
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Heads up! It seems new TMNT movie is on its way! Tho I have to say I have my doubts already since a writer of the movie is comedy writer... I HOPE this new TMNT movie won't be ALL comedy. Humor is good and needed, yes, but if whole movie is about comedy and humor... That won't work. I mean I don't like comedy shows. To me they are idiotic... ^^; But all in all, I keep my fingers crossed and hope this movie will be awesome action movie with humor in it (not too little nor too much)! <3 And Bay styled turtles (with same actors), or something similar, please!

You can read more here ->…
I don’t know why but I suddenly feel weird… and kind of hollow restless in a super weird way. I will try to distract myself from this weird feeling by doing some streaming ->
Borrowed this from Tumblr;

"The true finnish aesthetic is growing up not knowing what gender your favourite characters are because there was no concept of gendered he/she pronouns.

And only finding out later and being somewhat dismayed by the results."

Good example about this is Moomin's Groke. Groke was always a girl but it was never mentioned in the show since she always was called either only as hän (<- we use this to both she and he), Groke / Mörkö or it. Plus she was voice acted by a man, making low raspy growls etc.

This video made me so incredibly happy! :love: Plus I love mooses :heart:

OH MY! I just saw a news online that Anthony Bourdain has passed away via suicide! I didn’t see that coming! I mean he seemed so happy and positive person with great sense of (black) humor.

Wow, this was… something to start your day with.
Am I sad about his passing away? No. Just surprised. Am I grieving him? No, but I send him my thanks for being so wonderful person, doing so many wonderful shows. I know he hears them now :) <3

Have wonderful time in Spirit World! <3
I want to remind my followers that I have AO3 account (NeiNing) and I submit there fics what I, naturally, can't submit here because they are too "adult material". My 2 latest bottom Raph fics are there ;)
July will be a good month for me! :D First I will go get my second tattoo at 3th of July and then later in July I will head to Germany, Berlin, with big sis for a week. We have free place to stay because sis has a friend there who gladly will take us in her home :) Also, my German friends, don't worry and come say Germany is expensive country because, to me as a Finn, it is not :'D Finland is MUCH more expensive than Germany / Berlin so do not worry. For example, what sis has said since she's been in Berlin many times already, hair colors in Germany are around 4euros. In Finland EXACTLY SAME hair color is 11-14euros...
You know you’re stressing and worrying about stuffs when Leonardo (2016) and Deadpool (with Spider-Man) shows up in your dreams :’D (There was also Buddha in my dream!)
Went to near by market, Asda, and I bought gas lighter for candles (with longer "pipe") and this lovely old cash register lady asked my ID saying; "I don't think you will go burn anything but I still need to see your ID." I gave her my pass and she soon gave it back smiling saying; "It's a bless to look so young. What do you eat?" I laughed while thanking her, replying; "I eat whatever I want. I eat whatever makes me happy and I have this positive mindset in life overall." She laughed and smiled saying; "It seems to be working for you." Of course I also mentioned my parents and siblings look younger than they actually are. Then she complimented my English and I told her I'm pretty much self-taught (like I am) and she leaned backward in surprise, then leaned forward smiling; "No way! Your English is so good!" This made me so incredibly happy! :heart: I also bought some warm and pretty clothes and she complimented them too, saying their colors will fit me etc. How wonderful wonderful lady! :heart: She made my day, definitely :heart:
Color pallet + character challenge! Give me a pallet's name and a character and I will draw him /her with chosen pallet colors! :) You can find pallet colors here ->…
Don't be shy! I always want to do these but I'm never tagged in them, sadly... You can leave color pallet's name and character here in comments :heart: Thank you so much! :heart:
Does anyone know what happened to Leonet in here and / or in Inkbunny (Leonett1234)? She just suddenly left DA / deactivated her account about over a month ago or so, and she has done the same in IB. She was a fan of one of my fics and I would had loved to keep sharing it with her. That's one of the reason why I would love to know is she still in the world of internet. Another reason is to see her awesome arts. I REALLY REALLY REALLY loved her Japanese brush kind of arts about turtles <3

If you know anything / a way how to contact her, please let me know! Thank you! <3
Happy & fast little songs, like this one, always makes me think of small, cute and chubby little chibi Raphie (1987) running all around in the lair / sewers <3 (starts around 0:29 but the best part, what I personally mean and like the most, starts at 1:09. I honestly can't stand that! >///u///<  <3)


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Age; 31
High; about 162,5 (5,3 feet)
Weight; 74kg (163 pounds)

Picarto ->
AO3 ->…


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