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Happy Valentine's Day 2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 2 5
Mature content
We Have A Sister - Oneshot :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 7 13
Mini Adventure - Ch3
*This fic will be about 2003 Raphael who is in 2016 turtles' world. There will be tcest between Leo and Raph. The reason why I do this is because I love 2003 Raph x 2016 Leonardo.*
Chapter 3

Placing Raphael on sink Leonardo headed to get some ingredients before placing himself in front of the oven.
“I hope you’re fine with some honey fried shrimps and broccoli with jasmine rice. April will bring some food tomorrow. She was too busy today.”
Raphael sat at the edge of sink nodding. It was weird to be this small and watch Leonardo cook in silence, smile on his face. At times he gave small among of food for Raphael to taste was it good and so far Leo was doing a good job at cooking. Food was ready and done after 30 minutes and both stomachs were growling and waiting for food.
Taking food on his own plate Leonardo took it on living room table, coming back to get small bowl and fill it for Raphael. Reaching up Raphael took a hold on Leonardo’s finger, climbing
:iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 2 4
Raphael 8-2-2018 by Nei-Ning Raphael 8-2-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 16 47 Stay Strong 7-2-2018 by Nei-Ning Stay Strong 7-2-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 16 13 Pickles 6-2-2018 by Nei-Ning Pickles 6-2-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 35 43 Missing Leo Pg2 by Nei-Ning Missing Leo Pg2 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 22 19 Missing Leo Pg1 by Nei-Ning Missing Leo Pg1 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 17 3
Helping To Relax RxLxR
“He’s doing it again.”
“Should we do something about that?”
Looking his bigger self from another dimension Raph had little spark in his eyes which didn’t go unnoticed by Raphael. Smirking slightly with a nod they both started to approach their big brother who, once again, had lost himself in intense training without resting.
They both admired it how hard and much Leonardo did train but at times he was overdoing it, forgetting to rest or eat. Usually this happened when something was bothering their brother. Waiting perfect moment to trap Leonardo both red banded turtles eyed their leader when he finally stopped panting heavily. Without a sign both Raph and Raphael made their move.
Getting caught by surprise when Raph’s arms made their way around his body from behind Leonardo stiffened for a moment. Seeing bigger green body come to his right eased his racing instincts and he managed to calm himself down, lowering his katanas.
:iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 3 8
Happy Trio RxLxR by Nei-Ning
Mature content
Happy Trio RxLxR :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 15 25
Teasing Little Sister 23-1-2018 by Nei-Ning Teasing Little Sister 23-1-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 12 51 Leave Her Alone 22-1-2018 by Nei-Ning Leave Her Alone 22-1-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 29 37 Chibi Gang 22-1-2018 by Nei-Ning Chibi Gang 22-1-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 27 41 Raphael 21-1-2018 by Nei-Ning Raphael 21-1-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 29 40 Infected Raph 20-1-2018 by Nei-Ning Infected Raph 20-1-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 30 55 2003 L x 2014 R 13-1-2018 by Nei-Ning 2003 L x 2014 R 13-1-2018 :iconnei-ning:Nei-Ning 23 15
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My core's ending soon, time for new poll! Should I do something about 2014/2016 Raph x 2003 Leo as well? 

16 deviants said Yes! Please do! Anything will do!
8 deviants said Comic would be wonderful! 8D (long and seriously done)
4 deviants said Comic would be wonderful! 8D (short and simply done)
3 deviants said Don't mess with the boys >__>
2 deviants said Fanfics about them, please! <3
2 deviants said Other (please comment! Suggestions / wishes / ideas are always welcome :3 No OCs tho!)
1 deviant said Draw something else than turtles...




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Decided it's time to change my rant and negative journal away.

SO! I arrived to sis's place in Tuesday and yesterday we went to central to eat some cake because of Valentine's day :heart: Later today we will head at the central of Helsinki to watch Chinese New Year celebration which I loved last year and I can't wait to see it this year! Then, in Friday, I need to head to central AGAIN because Dynasty Warriors 9 game comes out and I DAMN WANT IT! I will let it be a little late Valentine's Day gift to myself ~ :giggle:

Then in the beginning of next month I will be heading to UK for a month but I will take my laptop and drawing table with me so I can draw there. Then, when we (sis and I) come back from UK we will head to mom's place since MANS ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES WILL START, UHUUUUUHUHU!!! I'm not sport person at all, but mans ice hockey world championship games I NEVER MISS! And then, well, I don't have any plans except moving to UK later this year. I think I aim to October or somewhere near it when I will move to UK. I mean before moving I need to get new passport since my current one is getting old, need to get rid of stuff and go fix 2 teeth, empty my apartment etc. Lots of little life changing (and exciting) things :love:

After moving to UK... I don't have much plans so far yet but I will aim to get a job and my own place as soon as possible (since I don't want to live too long with a friend couple of mine and disturb their marriage :'D) as well as getting UK's citizenship. But yeah, this is my plan and I gotta say - I'm SO SUPER EXCITED! I never haven't been this excited about moving! Whenever I think about it, my stomach fills with happy energetic butterflies and I can't stop smiling, giggling and jumping on my place :giggle: :heart: All are good signs, so good signs!

I know about Brexit tho, but so far I'm not worried about it. I worry about it then and if it will cause me any problems.

Anyway, at the moment I'm good, my life's good and my future looks so damn happy, exciting and good too! I have no any reasons not to keep having smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach :love:

Take care, darlings! :wave: :heart:

TMNTFA Nominee Stamp by AdventureHobbit3791
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  • Watching: Come Dine With Me
  • Playing: World of Final Fantasy
  • Eating: First Easter Chocolate Egg!
  • Drinking: Peach & Jasmine mineral water


The reason of my lack activity is -> Dynasty Warriors 9 game to PS4. I haven't done anything else than play it all the freaking time - and I LOVE IT! :heart: I love riding in open world and search for items and new areas!! :excited: There's so much to do that OH MY GOD! :heart: But I most surely get more active in next month while being in UK since I won't be able to play there xD
WHY… Art inspiration hits me always between 2-4am when I would like to go to sleep!? Even now clock’s approaching 4am and my mind, with inspiration, is screaming me to draw more while all what I want is to go to sleep :’D Damn!
The more I have read news about this new "active model" law (see my journal for more info), more depressed I become. I sat in warm sauna few hours ago and was tearing up while thinking this law. I bend forward feeling so horrible and lost, not knowing what to do. Suddenly I felt and saw this big darker shadow figure bending over me from behind, huge arms coming next to my body's sides in very protective way. It was 2014 Raphael. It was clear as a day. His energy was the same, his body size and shape was the same. Everything was 100% 2014 Raphael. Being between his arms and under his massive chest as he hovered over me so protective (like a King Kong), I instantly felt so safe, protected and that everything is fine. I'll be fine. Raphael makes sure of it. I mean whenever I've had bad situation in life fear, worry and stress taking over me, any form of Raphael has appear to me (in dreams, arts, gifs etc.) as a sign "Everything is and will be okay." and you know what? Those bad things in my life indeed has turn better just like that and I have survive! So I trust on Raphael even with this new fucked up law. I will be fine, I'm protected. He makes sure things will work out for me <3
Color pallet + character challenge! Give me a pallet's name and a character and I will draw him /her with chosen pallet colors! :) You can find pallet colors here ->…
Don't be shy! I always want to do these but I'm never tagged in them, sadly... You can leave color pallet's name and character here in comments :heart: Thank you so much! :heart:
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays, my beloved watchers! :heart: Be nice! :santa: :heart:

I got so nice compliment from mom’s old friend yesterday when we visited her. She looked at me smiling and said; “I don’t know how or why but it seems like you have changed. Like you have become more feminine.” I don’t know why but it made me very happy <3 But in all honesty I haven’t change from outside like one bit… Not even my clothes are new or anything. … But I admit I have gain some weight for sure! Damn Christmas chocolates what you can get once a year :’D But I do believe my energy has shifted to even more better and more feminine level and she sensed it :)
Does anyone know what happened to Leonet in here and / or in Inkbunny (Leonett1234)? She just suddenly left DA / deactivated her account about over a month ago or so, and she has done the same in IB. She was a fan of one of my fics and I would had loved to keep sharing it with her. That's one of the reason why I would love to know is she still in the world of internet. Another reason is to see her awesome arts. I REALLY REALLY REALLY loved her Japanese brush kind of arts about turtles <3

If you know anything / a way how to contact her, please let me know! Thank you! <3
Cutest Halloween thing ever what I have seen! :heart: This made me so darn happy! ^//u//^
Flying tickets has been bought and I'll be heading back to UK in March! :heart: I'm so happy and excited I could explode! :iconeeeeeplz:
Happy & fast little songs, like this one, always makes me think of small, cute and chubby little chibi Raphie (1987) running all around in the lair / sewers <3 (starts around 0:29 but the best part, what I personally mean and like the most, starts at 1:09. I honestly can't stand that! >///u///<  <3)
I have compare my commission prices to other artists commission prices and... I don't know but I feel kind of sad and down and therefor want to ask you guys, do you think my commission prices are too high? Or is it my drawing style / anatomy mistakes why people don't commission me? I need to hear some thoughts from you since I can be blind to this on my own and can't see it from other person's view. You can bravely come to talk to me since I won't get mad or anything.
My commission info Nei-Ning's commissions 2017 by Nei-Ning
PS. I accidentally have write price to big Leo as 55€ when it should be 50€.
Am I the only one having problems with DA? Last night DA refused to load ANYTHING to me via my phone and today it hasn't been working so well with my laptop either. Like I can't submit my artwork here. It just keeps showing 'saving...' but nothing else happens. This kind of things has happen before tho so I think problem is in DA.


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High; about 162,5 (5,3 feet)
Weight; 74kg (163 pounds)

My Picarto ->


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